To tweed or not to tweed?

I’m a big fan of bargains-there is no greater feeling than finding something you love, for a fantastic price. However, I have tried to curb this instinct of mine. Gone are the days of me buying things just because they have been reduced by 95%. In this scenario, I ignore the little voice that demands I worship at the altar of bargains. And I listen to the little voice that asks why it is so cheap, and why no one else wanted it.

However, there is still a type of bargain that is allowed. The more carefully planned, deliberate bargain-a product of the head and not the heart. This is the bargain that specifically applies to something you liked when it was full price, and that you considered handing cash over for before it was reduced.

And today, I saw one of these. And, even more sensibly, it wasn’t even for me. I am a big fan of Love My Dog, and the temptress in charge of their email account decided to alert my attention today to their sale.

“It would be rude not to have a look,” I thought. “It’s not even for me. It’s practically charity.”

Upon looking at the items, I spotted one item that I had previously eye-flirted with before…

By the tail of Lassie! Could this be anymore amazing? I had spotted this before, but couldn’t quite justify spending £35 on it. As most of my clothes don’t cost that much. But now that it is £10, we are playing in an entirely different ball game.

But does Mort need a tweed hat? Of course he doesn’t. I’m pretty certain dogs have evolved past needing hats. But one day he might be invited to a fancy dress party. And he might want to dress as Sherlock Holmes. And what kind of a dog owner would I be if I didn’t have the necessary accessories for him?


Nothing is more terrifying than a Dachshund denied a tweed hat.

6 thoughts on “To tweed or not to tweed?

    • Good use of the word snout! Yes he is a standard, although I think he might be somewhere in the middle as he looks likes giant next to minis, but a bit tiny next to other standards. Not his nose though, that’s definitely fully grown x

  1. Entertaining and funny post. Don’t feel bad, many times I am in your shoes. Should I buy Alex another sweater? She has one, but if winter here in MD this year is really cold, I know she’ll need it. You know what? This is the hottest winter I’ve seen in MD, but do not despair, I still got her to wear her brand new sweater. I think, many times, the clothes for dogs are not so much a necessity, but rather a whim of the pet parent. Don’t feel bad and if you spot a bargain, go for it. It feels great to see them all dressed up. By the way, your dog is adorable:)

  2. Thank you! I agree-sometimes you just can’t help but treat your dog to something, even though you know deep down that you are really only doing it to get a few photos of them looking cute. Worth every penny though-and I’m almost sure that they enjoy it too 😉

  3. If the coat wasn’t so much, I would say that he definitely needs both. (Lets face it- if he goes as Sherlock Holmes- he’d have to have the matching jacket!) The hat is truly handsome and would keep his soft ears so nice and warm.

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