Tuesday treats and toads

The dreaded disease is now banished from our house and my body – joy unconfined. I’m a little weak and easily tired. But most of all, I’m flipping starving.

My stomach hasn’t quite caught up yet – I think the recent episode has shrunk it somewhat, so it’s not capable of dealing with the massive quantities of junk I usually shove into it. But try telling them to my brain.

I want food and lots of it. Especially as it is freezing outside, with cruel, sneaky ice covering the floor (which caused me to drop a bottle of red wine on our driveway earlier. No one panic though – the wine is fine).

Enter Toad in the Hole. As part of my New Year’s resolutions I promised to cook more and blog about it, so here goes. This one is slightly cheating as I’ve made it before. If I had a pound for every Toad in the Hole I’ve gorged on, I’d be writing this with gold-plated hands. But it’s a wonder worth passing on.


For those unfamiliar with this dish, don’t panic, I’m not forcing a tiny amphibian into a small crevice and then feasting on his body. That would just be cruel. In this concoction, the ‘toads’ are sausages and the hole is ‘Yorkshire pudding’. Don’t ask me to explain – I don’t have a clue either. It’s increasingly difficult to convince people that the English aren’t insane with sadistically named dishes like this…..

Anyway, moving on. The recipe is my friend Rachel’s and it can be found here. Rachel is a Yorkshire lass and if there is one thing our friends up north know how to do, it’s creating beautiful batter. For years I used another recipe and it wasn’t quite right – the Yorkshire pudding didn’t really taste of anything. But this recipe is perfect – I think it’s the third egg that pushes it into brilliance.

I love every stage of making this dish. I love beating the eggs. I love chopping red onions and then throwing them in the sizzling dish. I love the moment when you fold the Yorkshire pudding batter over the sausages. I also love cramming it in my mouth. That’s probably my favourite part.

If you’re like me, you will leave little puddles of batter strewn across your kitchen, but it’s worth it. It’s a good one to serve if people are coming over because it looks really impressive when it emerges victorious out the oven. It’s quite arrogant in that respect – it knows exactly how good looking it is. Actually, forget sharing it with other people – just make it for you and your partner if you’re greedy pigs like me and Dan. We serve it with gravy and brocolli – a bit of green helps to cut through the dish, as it is quite rich.

Tuesday treats

In other food related news, I’ve fallen in love. Dan and Mort will just have to budge over a bit, because there’s a new man in my life. And he’s called Percy.


Percy Pigs are my favourite sweets. And now they’re my favourite biscuits. I literally have no words for how good these bad boys are. Get thee down Marks and Spencer.

A little shopping find for all the Dachshund fans. How cute are these? However I fear wearing Dachshund pyjamas while a Dachshund hogs most of my bed could officially make me Mort’s bitch, so I might have to leave these on the shelf.

And finally, how cute is this? I’d love to do this with Mort, however staying still isn’t his strong point, so for the time being I will just look at these beautiful pictures instead.

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